‘Help! I’m Struggling in College.’ How Our Experts Can Help

October 7, 2020 at 6:00 AM
'Help! I'm struggling in college.' Educational Attainment Services can help

College is a profound, life-altering experience for many reasons. For many, it’s the first extended period away from parents, and with that distance comes new and often overwhelming responsibilities. For many students, the thrill of enrolling in college is quickly overshadowed by anxiety; the pressure to perform can cripple some students, imparting the realization, I’m struggling in college. What do I do now?

While it’s common for many students to experience significant challenges in college, the struggles can convince many to quit school. While this might be the right decision for some students, we believe that it is not the solution for the majority of students who experience hardships. Here’s how Educational Attainment Services can help you or your struggling child reevaluate, reset, and reapproach their college experience.

Reevaluating college

Many students feel pressured to make a decision on which college to attend quite early on in high school. While we believe students should begin exploring options for college as early as they can, we also believe that taking a smart approach to choosing the right school is essential to a worthwhile and rewarding college experience.

For several reasons, a student may find themselves enrolled in a college or university that is not the right fit for their academic, professional, or personal needs; each institution offers a different experience than others. Of course, classes will be challenging in every school, but some more than others. Or, students feel that the institution does not offer a supportive environment or does not offer the extracurricular activities that elevate their academic experience.

If you or your child feels that they are enrolled in the wrong school, we can help them explore why that’s the case, what they’re looking for in a higher education institution, and where to go next. While it may feel like an irreversible decision, students transfer schools regularly. Yes, it does take some extra effort, but we can help students find the right institution where they’re happier, and gain the academic, professional, and personal growth they deserve.

How EAS can help

EAS offers a range of proven college placement services that helps students find the right institution for their needs, and it begins with exploring options. No matter where the student is currently enrolled, it’s not too late to apply elsewhere. When students or parents reach out to us, we’ll take the time to understand why the student is struggling in college, get to know their needs, and help identify a more appropriate institution through our College Search Counseling services.

For many students, it’s not the classes that create the struggle: it’s the major life switch. Or the size of the campus. Or the weight of paying for college on their own. Whatever the reason, we can help students overcome these challenges, and place them on the path to academic fulfillment.

Funding their education

The cost of earning one’s degree continues to rise, and more students are dealing with the anxiety it imparts. No matter where a student enrolls next, we can help them find and get the funding they need to ensure they are able to complete college with the least amount of debt possible—or, in many cases, debt-free.

In addition to financial aid, we help students identify scholarship opportunities that can significantly reduce the cost of college. But before students agree to any financial aid packages, we sit down with parents so everyone understands the terms and conditions. In the end, we place the student’s needs above everything else.

Improve the college experience with Educational Attainment Services

Each college or university offers students a host of opportunities and challenges, but the latter can quickly compound and make completing college seem impossible. Educational Attainment Services knows how difficult college can be, and we’re here to make it easier for students. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help those struggling with college.