Common myths about educational attainment

August 4, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Common myths about educational attainment

When it comes to educational attainment, there are endless myths about what it takes to get to secondary education and beyond. Here at Educational Attainment Services, we want to help you know exactly what it takes on your part and provide information about how the world of secondary education really works. This guide can help you understand what to truly expect when you’re preparing for college.

How much money you spend equates to the quality of education

Elite colleges and universities like Harvard, Stanford, and others are going to come with a high price tag. While these institutions are renowned as some of the most prestigious in the nation, the best education for you will be what is the best fit for you. You can go to a college or university that’s a better fit for you considering the environment, programs you’re looking for, and cost of tuition while still getting an education that’s as good or better for you than others.

Class size reflects educational outcomes

It’s a common misconception that you have to go to a college that has smaller class sizes to be successful. While this is beneficial for some students because the professors are more accessible, this doesn’t fit everyone’s learning style. Some students can thrive in a place where they’re able to do more independent learning that comes with large lecture-style classes. Consider your personal learning style when exploring class sizes and classroom styles.

Physical classrooms are better for learning than online classes

Similar to class size, the type of classroom doesn’t always reflect success for every student. Do some students learn better going to a physical classroom every day? Of course, they do. Do some students learn better in online classes? Also, yes. Success in a physical classroom or online classroom depends on the learning style of an individual so you must know which environment is best for you.

A couple of bad grades ruin your chances of getting into college

It’s not uncommon for students to stress so hard over grades that they forget to enjoy their time in high school. While grades are an important part of getting into a good school, you don’t need to stress over a C that you got in a math class as a freshman in high school. Many schools will take into account the added workload that you’re adjusting to in your first couple of years of high school and will not hold something like that against you.

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