College Admission Assistance and Other Help from Educational Attainment Services

The work world has grown more competitive than ever, even for those with college degrees. In most of the United States, merely having a degree no longer opens the door to a good-paying job.

Just a college degree no longer cuts it. Only the right program will ensure a good shot at success.

Many of these very same college programs have erected formidable barriers to entry. Arbitrarily conceived, they block out too many intelligent, capable, and hard-working candidates who could achieve tremendous success.

We commit ourselves to helping these individuals.

If you or your student is one of the thousands across the country who need help getting into the program needed to achieve your goals, we can help with college admission assistance.

Who We Are

Educational Attainment Services is the brainchild of Mark Lewis. After years of serving as a college admissions expert at the University of California at Berkeley and other schools, Lewis started helping the children of family and friends get into the schools of their choice. After great success, he decided that he could help more by going into business.

We have a passion for helping young men and women of all backgrounds to take the first step to achieve their educational goals and reach their dreams in life. Our job is to help them take that first step, getting into the school of their choice.

What We Do

Successfully entering a competitive program of any type requires taking a number of steps. Our team provides advice and assistance from the very beginning of a college search until you get that prized letter of acceptance.

We can start as soon as you or your student decide on a program of study. This can include undergraduate, transfer, or graduate programs. Educational Attainment Services analyzes the student and his or her demonstrated capabilities. We can then work with you to develop a pool of potential institutions.

The next step lies in helping the student access the financial aid that he or she has eligibility to receive. This includes both federal aid programs and scholarship opportunities.

Finally, our services can help prepare the student to tackle application tests, including essays. Our team can also help students pass verbal testing requirements. This includes any public speaking tests or college entrance interviews.

Many of our clients enjoy working with us through webinars, seminars, and other group sessions. We find that putting a number of different perspectives and backgrounds into the room can help reduce anxiety. Also, our participants usually share helpful insights.

We also recognize that for some students, one-on-one sessions may provide better value and assistance. For that reason, we provide individual counseling sessions that we can customize to address the areas where help is needed most.

Also, ask about our free introductory session packed with valuable information on how to get started in this sometimes complicated and confusing process.

Reach Out Today

Learn more about how Educational Attainment Services can help you or the aspiring college student in your life get into that perfect program. Our staff can answer any questions that you may have or schedule you for a consultation.

Let us help you or your student take that next step toward a prosperous, productive, and impactful life with a meaningful college experience and degree.

If in the area, make sure and meet our team at the Latino College Expo on February 1, 2020. This will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center starting at 9:00 AM.