3 Benefits of Working with a College Admission Coach Online

August 31, 2020 at 6:00 AM
college admission coach online

Deciding which college to attend—as well as preparing all materials for application—is a process that, while exciting, can come with some challenges. These hurdles, however, are not insurmountable; working with a college admission coach online can help guide students through each aspect of college application preparation.

Whether your child has just begun to explore their options, are preparing for tests, or are ready to begin applying to universities, Educational Attainment Services can help your child confidently apply to their preferred institution. Here’s how your child benefits from relying on us to help them with their college preparation and application.

Benefit #1: essay counseling

One of the most intimidating parts of preparing for college is crafting a compelling application package. While each college or university has specific requirements, virtually all higher education institutions require an essay as part of the package.

These essays give students the chance to introduce themselves to admissions departments, making the case for why they will be an excellent fit for the college to which they are applying. It also gives students the opportunity to highlight any outstanding traits, skills, or talents. When we work with your child, we’ll get to know them and help them bring out the best of themselves in their application.

This is especially beneficial for students whose GPAs may not stand out among other applicants. Whatever your child’s strengths, our college admission coaches’ guidance brings them out in the essay.

Benefit #2: scholarships and financial aid

No matter where your child applies or gets accepted, they are likely to need scholarships or financial assistance. But navigating the options available can quickly become challenging; while many opportunities for financial assistance are available online or through the respective school’s admissions office, not all options may be immediately available.

Your child’s online college admission coach can help you and your child understand which financial assistance opportunities are available, as well as help you explore options that may not be immediately accessible online. Educational Attainment Services also send a quarterly newsletter that highlights scholarship and internship opportunities to help you and your child cover the rising costs of attending college.

Benefit #3: application assistance

Whether your child applies to an Ivy League, public, private, or liberal arts school, compiling and submitting the strongest application is crucial, especially for highly competitive schools. With decades of experience across a variety of higher education institutions, we can help your child prepare a stand-out application.

Our application services assist students who are applying for the first time or are transferring schools, including four-year and community colleges. We understand that not every student’s first experience with college is the right fit. Transfer application services help your child find a school that offers the right program and environment for their needs, personality, and goals.

Help your child succeed with our online college admission coaches

Attending college is a life-changing experience. But getting into the right school isn’t always a straightforward process. Educational Attainment Services can help your child apply with confidence to a variety of schools. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help.